+91 80 4901 6111 / 2212 4488 contact@klausit.com
+91 80 4901 6111 / 2212 4488 contact@klausit.com


Klaus IT Solutions Pvt Ltd sustains on fair play and truly believes in the motto of “live and let live”. The company sincerely endeavours to align its objectives with the social and environmental goals. Klaus understands that being a part of the ecosystem, the company needs to function and survive in a way which promotes co-existence and welfare of fellow citizens as well as supports better development of environment.

Fair Business Practices

The company pledges to adhere to all the applicable laws and regulations that are relevant for existence and functioning of its business. In addition, the company follows fair business practices that demonstrate complete transparency as well as business integrity. We, by no means, use unlawful methods such as accepting or giving bribes for the purpose of carrying on our business. The company maintains and reinforces its commitment to promote good relations as well as high code of conduct with following key associates of the companies:

Customers - Klaus develops and follows a rich culture of honesty, integrity, amity and value-based services towards its co-partners. We endeavour to provide enriched association and business opportunities to our vendors, partners and customers.

Community Calling

Klaus recognizes itself as a small part of the community and believes in doing its bit to give back to the community members. Through its small but significant steps, Klaus tries to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of less-privileged sections of the society.

Responsibility towards environment - The Klaus Management Team is clear about its duties concerning the environment and takes every measure to preserve the natural ecosystem. We at Klaus, not only work in compliance with all the relevant legislations of the jurisdiction but also set a good example to conserve our natural resources such as energy and water. We, in no way, encourage pollution of any nature and keep our workplace as well as our surroundings toxin free.