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Klaus in German means ‘Winners’
As a services and solutions provider, Klaus IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. assists organizations meet their business challenges with the right technology solutions and talent, along with the entire gamut of other requirements involving the operational needs of an organization.

We act as a one-stop partner to design, develop, deliver and project/program manages the same. This helps an organization improve productivity, reduce costs, future-proof and maximize returns on the technology investments.

service For CIO' s
Technology leaders can engage us
to deliver high-quality and
cost-effective software
development and program
management services
CMOs For CMO' s/COO' s
Klaus can help increase the
geographical reach through our
International language
translation services
Our Recruitment and Staffing
solutions support hire the right
talent to maximize ROI
Candidate For Candidate' s
Klaus acts as an one-stop
destination for candidates and
eliminate the need to apply to
umpteen job postings or go
through multiple HR consulting